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My Biography

I was born in Rochester, NY (or Rotten-chester as my father called it). When I was eight we took a trip to Albuquerque to visit my Aunt Marie (her husband was stationed at Kirtland AFB). My parents liked it so much they decided to move there.

I completed a BS degree in computer science from UNM in 1989 and went out into the work force. I spent 21 years working as a system and network administrator, and life was good. Then it changed.

My wife of 24 years, Bonnie, died unexpectedly in January 2010. Then my father passed away in October of the same year. In January of 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma). I was in Denver in October of 2011, undergoing a bone-marrow transplant for the cancer, when my employer decided to let me go. That's when I realized that I had nothing waiting for me at home. I had a clean slate in life. So, being bored with computer administration work, I decided to change careers and embrace my passion for writing.

My first book, Princess of Prophecy, was released as an eBook in November of 2011 and in paperback on February of 2012.
(No, I didn't write it in a month. I had completed it a few years prior.)